The team of TwoCare, the prenatal medical practice in the 9th district of Vienna, welcomes you!

We look forward to guiding you throughout your pregnancy with our specialized prenatal examinations (in addition to the conventional pregnancy care provided by your obstetrician and gynecologist).
A team of certified doctors with many years of experience will conduct these examinations in accordance with the current state of prenatal medicine.
At TwoCare, we provide more than just examinations. We also offer an empathetic approach to prenatal care with information, support, and help throughout your pregnancy. Furthermore, due to our expertise and experience, we are also here for you in case of pregnancy complications or if you are seeking a second opinion. In short, the name "TwoCare" represents our desire to provide optimal care for two: the mother and the fetus.

At TwoCare, we offer the following prenatal examinations:

  • Early Screening: You can visit TwoCare as early as 6 postmenstrual weeks for an early assessment of your pregnancy. In addition, we can counsel you regarding further prenatal examinations and tests (€120).
  • Screening 12 (first trimester screening - includes nuchal translucency screening, anatomy check, preeclampsia screening, combined test): This examination (detailed ultrasound and blood test) consists of a nuchal translucency scan, an early organ check, and tests for risk estimation of fetal trisomies (combined test and/or non-invasive pregnancy testing [NIPT]) and pre-eclampsia. This test is available from 11+0 (preferably after 12+0 due to better visualization of the fetus) to 13+6 weeks (€220 for singleton pregnancies plus an additional €80 for twin pregnancies).
  • Screening 22 (organ screening, anatomy scan): The main purpose of this examination is to detect malformations in your baby’s organs or, in most cases, to exclude them with a high degree of certainty. These include (for example) heart defects, which must be treated immediately after birth. Several other abnormalities can also be detected, such as malformations of the brain, lungs, diaphragm, kidneys, urinary bladder, or intestines. The arms, hands, legs, feet, and skeleton are also assessed during the examination. If you wish, we can also attempt to identify the gender of your child (€170 if you have had a previous examination during the same pregnancy at TwoCare, €210 for new patients).
  • Screening 32 (third trimester screening): During this scan, we focus on the development of certain organs after Screening 22. For example, most of the "wrinkles" of the fetal brain will only be formed in the second half of pregnancy. Furthermore, certain heart defects or problems with the kidneys may be visible only after organ screening at this gestational age. In addition, a fetal weight estimation as well as a Doppler ultrasound (to assess fetal well-being) will be carried out during Screening 32 (€120 if you have had a previous examination during the same pregnancy at TwoCare, €160 for new patients).
  • NIPT (noninvasive prenatal test): The NIPT is an examination of the placental DNA isolated from maternal blood. With a simple blood draw, our partner laboratory can exclude or detect certain chromosomal anomalies with a very high degree of certainty (€495 to €775 depending on the type of NIPT, with discounts if the NIPT is performed at the same appointment as Screening 12).
  • Second opinion: If you need a second opinion after a prenatal diagnosis or care for complicated cases, our experts will be happy to be at your service (€150).
  • Baby contact with 3D ultrasound: If you would like to learn interesting facts about your baby and obtain 3D ultrasound pictures, we recommend a (nonmedical) baby contact session. The best time to do this scan is from 26 to 29 weeks (€120 for patients who have had at least one examination at TwoCare during the same pregnancy, otherwise €150).
  • Individual exams: If there is a need for special or individual exams, we are also at your disposal (cost varies by arrangement).

How to book your appointment

Please use our online booking portal. You can also contact us by telephone (0660-TWOCARE or 0660–8962273) or send us a message to request a callback. We will then call you as soon as possible (always within 24 hours on working days).

How to get to TwoCare

TwoCare is located in Alser Strasse 32/4a (mezzanine) in the 9th district of Vienna. If you want to use public transport, lines U6 (Alser Strasse), 43, 44 (Brünnlbadgasse) and 13A (Skodagasse) are located within walking distance. If you arrive by car, we recommend using one of the parking garages nearby:

How to contact us

Telephone: 0660-TWOCARE (0660–8962273)
E-Mail: office(at)
Social media: Facebook, Instagram